Estelle Grey

I know a big fat nothing about this author! Not even sure whether the name is a pseudonym or not! She wrote the Julie Gordon series which was an Australian girl's adventure series somewhat affiliated to the more well known Trixie Belden series created by Julie Campbell, in that it was part of the Trixe Belden Presents series of books. (Other Trixie Belden Presents horsy titles include the Shelley Peters stories by Ellen Bosworth)

Only one book in the
Julie Gordon series appears to have been pony themed. Sadly, there does not seem to be any information about the full series on the internet as yet.

If anyone has more information on the author please let me know!

Horse & Pony Books:

Reprinted in 1981 as part of the
Trixie Belden Presents series.
SUMMARY: Part of the longer non-pony Julie Gordon girl's adventure series. Julie is off to Pony Club camp at the Western Hills Ranch.

Collector's Info:
Two hardback Australian editions only. Although not common, it can be found without too much trouble in Australia. Harder elsewhere.